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a face in the mirror

screaming to consciousness
re-born, but nor refreshed –
end another night – endless,
yet it slipped away –
granting it’s gift only in leaving;
too little balm on too many wounds

rising to face
the day-time monsters
i see myself give a smile
to the face in the mirror –
grey and hollow, dust on it’s lips –
first smile it had in weeks

calm now, ignoring
the leaden weight on everything
i shake off the dust – brush away
the leaves and spiders –
helpless to stop it from taking over
i allow the beast to rise

(i know that smile, seen it before)

all those days i have screamed,
raged inside my prison walls,
called for your help – release me!
all those nights trapped inside myself
locked in with the demon
the walls too thick for you to hear

my fight has worn me out,
broken my resistance  –
i know that smile, seen it before –
now that the beast rises
how can i hope to tame it –
how can i hope not to fall?

Remember me

Let not the threat of autumn wind
Darken our summer merriment
But drink ye deep when t‘ cups are fill’d
And lament not the drops ye spill’d:

What’s done the Gods can’t take from ye.

Cometh the day that I must leave
Do not give way to senseless grief
Nor what we missed should ye regret
But linger on the days we had –

Remember love, remember me.



behold! here comes
the dark lady – my dark mistress:

her hair ruffled
by the cold wind
of winter
flying about her face

tears of blood
run down her cheeks –
red rivulets
on moon-pale skin.

she lures me
to her realm of night –
i follow her
all thoughts extinguished.

her caress – as
cold as the wind –
it chills me
chills me to the bone.

her kiss stirs
an ancient desire
that knows no relief;
takes all – gives naught.

and leaves me behind


do out all lights
around the house
let not a sound be heard

lock out the sun
silence the winds
that not a leaf be stirr’d

(my mistress sleeps)

from gentle hands
o’er my soul’s strings
a silver song call’d forth

has quelled all rage,
has softened looks
has cooled my lady’s wrath

(my mistress sleeps)

the brow i’ve seen
so oft before
with fury furrow’d deep

is even now:
a gentle face –
a beauty in her sleep

(and so hers still)

o, rest you then
and as you sleep
i will your slumber guard

(and all the while
my muse’s song
still fills my aching heart).

on leaving you

wheels rattling, scrunching hissing –
iron snake bears me away
sleek dragon – screeching skitt’ring wyrm
to take me -where? –

my soul lagging – trailing behind:
a kite pulled by a running child
soars – climbing the resistance –
ever higher with celerity

my soul has not the serpents speed
– inert – or more than that
for – loath to part – and so
will tarry where the other flies.

now rattling, scrunching hissing –
iron snake bears me away
sleek dragon – screeching skitt’ring wyrm
to take me – home –

and i arrive –
thoughts still with you
my soul – kiting – somewhere
‚tween here and there